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Veterans' Evidence of Service

Evidence provided by the claimant

When a claim for service pension or Disability Compensation Payment is made, it is expected that veterans will provide any documentary evidence in their possession to support the claim. These documents include:

  • a discharge certificate,
  • certificate of service, or
  • payslip.     More →
Service documents from the Department of Defence

You can obtain service documents from the Department of Defence. Claimants should not be directed to approach the Department of Defence for information.     

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Retrospective allotment - not on service documents

Where a veteran is allotted for duty retrospectively, their allotment status may not appear on their service records.  In these cases, a statement of service should be requested from the Department of Defence.

Documents in lieu of service documents

For veteran's of the Australian Defence Force, a discharge certificate or certificate of service may be used in lieu of service documents if:

  • the certificate is legible,
  • free from alterations or erasures,
  • contains enough information to show the veteran rendered the appropriate service, and
  • the veteran can be identified as the person on the certificate.