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Exemption of National Servicemen from Effective Full-time Service Requirement

Who are National Servicemen

National servicemen are persons who were required as young men to perform two years or 18 months of full-time service in the Army if the date of their birthday was selected by ballot. The scheme commenced on 31 July 1962 and was discontinued on 11 January 1973.

Exemption from 3 years effective full-time service requirement



If a national serviceman completed a period of service after 6 December 1972, the period of service after that date is recognised as defence service without need to meet the requirement for 3 years effective full-time service, provided the person has:

  • completed a period for which:
  • they were deemed to be engaged to serve, or
  • for which they were appointed, or
  • been discharged for medical reasons after 6 December 1972.      More ?
Limitations concerning pr-existing conditions do not apply

The limitations concerning pre-existing conditions, covered under Discharge Prior to Completion of Effective Full-time Service, do not apply to national servicemen.     

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A national serviceman is a young man conscripted by ballot under the terms of the National Service Act of 1951-71. The scheme commenced on 31 July 1962 and required conscripts to serve 18 months to 2 years full-time service. The scheme ceased on 11 January 1973.