Provided below is a selection of reports published on the Treasury website.  Please note that the links are provided here as a navigation aid only.

Treasury reports
2015 Intergenerational Report2015Every five years, the Australian Government produces an Intergenerational Report that assesses the long-term sustainability of current Government policies and how changes to Australia’s population size and age profile may impact on economic growth, workforce and public finances over the next 40 years.

Australia’s future tax system


The Australian Government released the final report of the Australia's Future Tax System Review.

Note: As a component of the Review, measures were investigated to strengthen the financial security of seniors, carers and people with disability (the Pension Review Report).

Consultations and SubmissionsongoingAn index of consultations and submissions conducted by Treasury, on behalf of the Australian Government.

Reviews and Inquiries


Treasury conducts many reviews and inquiries on behalf of the Australian Government.