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Department of Finance reports
Good practice publishing for Australian Government entitiesongoing

The Australian Government has established the Digital Transformation Office (DTO) to transform government services, to deliver digital by design and to make services simpler. The DTO will act as a digital champion across government and help entities with limited digital expertise realise the benefits of digital government.

To support these objectives, the Department of Finance has developed guidance to provide Australian Government entities with good practice principles to follow when considering publishing information internally, as well as for the general public or other stakeholders.

This guidance document has been developed for Australian Government communications professionals, or staff who are involved in publishing printed or digital information. The information in this document relates to discretionary publishing of material. Entities must continue to comply with legislation, regulations or government policies that apply to printed materials.

Review of Pension Indexation Arrangements in Australian Government Civilian and Military Superannuation Scheme


The report includes a comprehensive examination of the purpose of pension indexation in occupational superannuation schemes and considers whether the current Consumer Price Index (CPI) pension indexation methodology in the schemes should be changed.