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4.4.1 Career Transition Assistance Scheme (CTAS)

Last amended 
14 July 2016

The aim of the CTAS is to provide ADF members with assistance that will facilitate their transition to civilian employment on separation from the ADF. CTAS is available to all Permanent and Reserve Force members who have rendered CFTS.

Benefits are determined based on length of service and the reason for separation from the ADF.

Members being medically discharged (Goal 3 under the ADF Rehabilitation Programs) have access to the maximum level of CTAS assistance.  This is covered in the 'CTA Level 3' row of the first table in section 4.4.2 of this Guide.

A CTAS program for a Goal 3 client can run simultaneously with any DVA Rehabilitation Program. In developing a DVA Rehabilitation Plan, time can be allocated for the client to participate in CTAS approved activities. There should be no cost allocated on the DVA approved plan to CTAS approved activities.

Rehabilitation Consultants should recognise when a client has a CTAS entitlement and ensure that the client does not miss out on that CTAS entitlement due to the timeframe requirement of not exceeding the 12 month deferral option.