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4.1 Overview of the ADF Rehabilitation Programs

Last amended 
4 October 2017

The Chief of the Defence Force is the rehabilitation authority for all serving members, including Permanent Force members, Reservists on continuous full-time service (CFTS) and Reservists not on CFTS which includes part-time, inactive and standby Reservists. This applies to ADF members regardless of whether they are covered under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 (MRCA) or the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRCA).

For further information about specific service categories and service options, refer to the ADF Total Workforce Model.

Australian Defence Force Rehabilitation Programs

There are two separate Australian Defence Force (ADF) rehabilitation programs, the ADF Rehabilitation Program and the Rehabilitation for Reservists Program. These programs have been developed to assist ADF members to return to a state of service readiness as soon as is practicable after injury or illness, through the provision of occupational rehabilitation services. For detailed information about these programs, refer to section 4.1.1 of this guide.

ADF Rehabilitation Program (ADRFP)

Rehabilitation for Reservists Program (R4R)

Provides rehabilitation services to:

  • full-time permanent force members;
  • part-time permanent force members; and
  • Reservists on CFTS

irrespective of whether a member's injury or illness is related to work.

Provides rehabilitation services and early intervention treatment to:

  • Reservists not on CFTS including:
    • part-time reservists;
    • inactive reservists; and
    • standby reservists

for service related injuries only.

ADF Cadets

Members of the Cadets, including Cadet Instructors, Officers of Cadets and School Cadets, are provided with treatment and rehabilitation coverage under the MRCA for periods of instruction, training, performance of duty, and travel to and from places of approved activity. They are not eligible for treatment or rehabilitation assistance through the ADF rehabilitation programs.