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12.1.1 VVRS applications and review rights

Last amended 
9 November 2023

VVRS application process

A veteran wishing to apply for assistance under the Veterans' Vocational Rehabilitation Scheme (VVRS) should contact their nearest DVA office to obtain an application form.

The Veterans' Vocational Rehabilitation Scheme (VVRS) Application Form D1000 is also available from DVA Forms on the DVA website.

DVA's VVRS Coordinator is able to answer questions from both staff and potential clients relating to the Scheme and assist with the completion of the application form, if necessary.

The VVRS Coordinator is required to confirm the applicant's eligibility for VVRS assistance under the Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986.

Once the application form is completed and the applicant's eligibility is confirmed, the VVRS Coordinator will refer the veteran to their nearest VVRS contracted service provider, where they will be assigned to a Rehabilitation Case Manager. The VVRS contracted service provider is engaged by DVA to manage the rehabilitation process for the Department. The VVRS contracted Case Manager will undertake a full rehabilitation assessment which will identify the client's vocational, psychosocial and medical management needs.


Review rights

Veterans who are dissatisfied with a decision relating to their participation in the Scheme can have the decision reviewed under legislative review provisions (found in Chapter 5 of the VVRS Instrument).

Appeals by veterans relating to decisions on the VVRS can be taken before the Repatriation Commission. Veterans not satisfied with a Commission decision can appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.