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5.8.4 NEL Table B4 - Loss of Expectation of Life

Last amended 
17 March 2023

A score out of three is given under Table B4 and then combined with the scores derived from Tables B1, B2 and B3 using the combined value calculation in Table B5.

A score above 0 will usually be given under Table B4 unless there is expert evidence indicating that the injury is likely to impact on life expectancy. This rating should be based on the examining/treating doctor's assessment of the impact of the injury on life expectancy and should not be based on a client’s self-assessment or the opinion of a MA-C. Where possible the delegate should have the most up to date expert evidence relating to life expectancy so the veteran is appropriately compensated for their loss. In circumstances where it is not possible for the veteran to attend a medical assessment due to their declining health, the delegate should instead seek a medical opinion from the veteran’s treating medical practitioner as to the impact of the condition on the veteran’s life expectancy.