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Policy & Procedure

The percentage degree of WPI is used by in three calculations: calculate the amount of compensation for permanent impairment under S24 of the SRCA (1988 Act impairments);

2.if the investigation includes only one 1988 impairment, as the 'A' amount in S27(2), which is an element of the formula for calculation of compensation for non-economic loss under S27 (1988 Act impairments); and

3.where the impairment became permanent under the 1971 Act or the 1930 Act and the claim for NEL was made before 7 December 2000, the WPI amount is used to calculate the client's entitlement to compensation for non-economic loss under S27 of the SRCA. This compensation for NEL is additional to any compensation payable under the Tables of Losses in the previous repealed Acts, and arises as a result of the decision of the Full Federal Court in Schlenert v AOTC (1994). Schlenert does not apply to claims for NEL made on or after 7 December 2000 as a result of new S27(3) inserted by the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2001.


Note: The percentage degree of WPI will also determine whether an injury is able to be considered for the SIA.    


Validation of WPI amounts

A percentage degree of WPI entered by a delegate will be subject to the following validation tests in the Calculator:

  • if the impairment does not relate to hearing loss, it must be a whole integer not greater than the maximum allowed under the relevant table
  • if the impairment relates to a hearing loss it can be a fraction although it cannot be greater than 50.


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