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4.2.6 Investigation of WPI Amounts


Where a client makes a claim for compensation for permanent impairment, it is important to ensure that all necessary information is collected and, in particular, that the WPI amounts have been correctly calculated by the treating doctor.

The delegate should, at least, make the following checks:

  • ensure that the doctor has used the Approved Guide in making the assessment and not an alternative method of assessment of impairment such as GARP (the impairment tables under the VEA and the MRCA) or the Impairment Tables under the Social Security Act 1991.  Note that the American Medical Association Guides may be applied in the rare case where the Approved Guide is inadequate;     More ?
  • ensure that the doctor has used the correct table in the Approved Guide for the impairment claimed;
  • check that the WPI assessed by the doctor is within the range permitted by the relevant table;
  • satisfy yourself that the WPI assessed by the doctor appears to be reasonably proportionate to the degree of impairment described in the medical report; and
  • satisfy yourself that the WPI amount is attributable to the compensable condition and is not, at least in part, attributable to other factors such as the ageing process or the effects of another non-compensable injury.

It is also important to ensure that the Non-Economic Loss Questionnaire has been fully and correctly completed by the treating doctor.