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4.1 General Use of the Liability Module

Last amended 
4 April 2016


Defcare is the primary electronic recording medium for SRCA cases. It also provides guidance to Delegates via the 'Initial Liability Decision Support Module'. At the time of writing, the Liability Module relates only to SRCA cases, and cases relating to injuries under earlier Acts do not yet have electronic rule-base support.


For SRCA cases only, the Liability Module provides an interactive system, which asks a series of true/false questions about the case, each screen customised in response to the previous answers.


  • These questions, inevitably, must be cast in relatively broad terms. This Liability Handbook is intended to help you obtain the data to respond to the Defcare Liability Module's questions.

  • Naturally you may find it more efficient to operate the Liability Module in conjunction with your investigation as it progresses, rather than to run it as a 'check' at the end of the process. This strategy has the advantage of allowing the Liability Module's questions to 'customise' and potentially streamline the direction of your investigation.


Finally the Liability Module will produce a recommendation as to whether liability should be conceded or not. That recommendation will be produced in conjunction with a summary of all the elements 'considered' by the computer. This Liability Module investigation and result should be saved as a client E-doc in the client’s UIN container in TRIM under Rehab & Comp using the structured titling terms and appropriate free text title rules as outlined in the recent training. For a refresher on this refer to document reference 15631150E in TRIM.