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21.1 Distinguishing Disease from Injury


Delegates should make an early provisional classification of the condition claimed, i.e. as a disease or injury. This should occur as early in the investigation as possible because the criteria for liability are different for injury and disease.

The distinction between injury and disease is common to all three of the Acts administered by the RCG and this is discussed at length at 10.1 10.3.

In brief, however, a disease is an ailment, generally of gradual onset and is generally caused by factors other than a single trauma i.e. a blow or a fall. Attrition of the joints, infectious illnesses and mental disorders are all 'diseases'. PTSD, whilst deemed a disease, is an exception in that its onset is caused by a single traumatic event.  However the date of effect will still be determined as for any other disease and not the date the trauma occurred.