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17.6.1 Place of education


Place of education is not defined in the SRCA. Guidance can be obtained from definitions in the Concise Oxford Dictionary.

'Education' has the dictionary meaning:

1. the act or process of educating or being educated; systematic instruction. ...3.a development of character or mental powers. b. a stage in or aspect of this (travel will be an education for you).

'Educate' has the dictionary meaning:

1. give intellectual, moral, and social instruction to (a pupil, esp. a child), esp. as a formal and prolonged process. ...3. train or instruct for a particular purpose. 4. advise, give information to.

A place of education is not to be defined narrowly as a tertiary education or a school. Rather it is any place where a member is attending for the purposes of his or her 'education'.