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5.16.3 Lifestyle Ratings Method of assessment of lifestyle effect for calculating interim impairment payments

When calculating an interim impairment payment amount under subsection 75(2) of the MRCA, the Commission must allocate a lifestyle rating using the following methodology:

Step 1:

Obtain the lifestyle rating for all conditions previously determined.

Step 2:

Work out the lifestyle rating for all conditions (including the current condition in respect of which a determination has not been made) using:

(a) the top of the shaded area for impairment points between 0 and 15; or

(b) in any other case — the bottom of the shaded area.

Step 3:

Use the highest of the lifestyle ratings from steps 1 and 2 to calculate the interim PI payment

This method of assessment for interim permanent impairment is not to be used when subsection 75(4) of the Act applies. The methods as outlined in Section should then be used. Optional methods of assessment when all conditions stabilised

Once all conditions have stabilised, lifestyle effects are to be assessed by applying Tables 22.1 to 22.5 in Chapter 22 in accordance with that chapter. There are three optional methods of assessing lifestyle effects:

· Option 1 allows the claimant to self-assess the effects of the accepted conditions on his or her lifestyle;

· Option 2 is to be used if the claimant chooses not to self-assess or to complete a Lifestyle Questionnaire;

· Option 3 is to be used if the claimant completes a Lifestyle Questionnaire.

The claimant may choose which of these methods is to be used for his or her assessment. Where no option has been or can be chosen, the delegate is to determine a lifestyle rating by following Option 2. See Chapter 22: Lifestyle Effects of GARP M for more information.