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5.12 Additional Payment for Severe Impairment

Last amended 
22 December 2021

Chapter 5.12 of CLIK provides guidance for delegates when considering whether additional compensation is payable, as well as illustrative examples highlighting common claim scenarios that might be encountered.

Key points

Veterans will be eligible for an additional tax-free lump sum for each dependant who is also an eligible young person, if they have been:

  • assessed at 80 or more impairment points, and
  • paid, or entitled to be paid, PI compensation.

This additional amount is payable to the veteran in respect of each person who is both, a dependant of the veteran and eligible young person, at the relevant date.

What is the relevant date?

The relevant date is the later of the following:

  • the date the Commission determines when the veteran's impairment reached 80 or more impairment points,
  • where single service-related condition results in the veteran reaching 80 impairment points, the date the liability claim was lodged,
  • where more than one condition resulted in the veteran reaching 80 impairment points, the date the most recent liability claim was lodged for one of those conditions (see chapter 5.12.2).

Who is a dependant?

A dependant is a related person who is wholly or partly dependent on the veteran for economic support, or would be dependent on the veteran but for the veteran’s service-related incapacity.

A related person includes only those specified in section 15, and includes, but is not limited to:

  • biological, step or foster children,
  • grandchildren,
  • parents,
  • partners, etc.

Please see chapter 5.12.3 for further information.

Who is an eligible young person?

An eligible young person is either:

  • conceived or born alive, on or before, the relevant date,
  • adopted or have adoption proceedings in place on or before the relevant date.

They must also be either:

  • aged under 16 years,
  • between 16 and 25 years old in full-time education and not working full time.

Please see chapter 5.12.4 for further information.

What amount is payable?

  • The amount payable under section 80 is indexed annually. Historical and current payment rates can be found in the ‘Payment Rates’ section of the Compensation and Support Reference Library.
  • The applicable payment rate will be as of the date the delegate determines compensation is payable under section 80.