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2.1.8 Claims for compensation

Section 319 of the MRCA allows a member or former member to either request in writing or orally a claim for compensation.

While a claim for liability must be determined before a claim for compensation can be determined, a claim for compensation can be made before, or after, a claim for liability is determined.

A person can indicate that they are seeking some form of compensation including:

  • permanent impairment compensation' 

  • incapacity payments;

  • treatment;

  • rehabilitation;

  • attendant care services;

  • household care services; or

  • vehicle modifications. 

Question 23 on Form D2051 asks the claimant what benefits they are seeking and provides boxes to be ticked to indicate which compensation they are seeking. While it is not necessary for a person to use Form D2051 to claim one of these benefits, a tick in one of these boxes is taken to constitute such a claim.

If a needs assessment (see section 2.3) identifies that a claimant needs - or has requested - one of these benefits, the claimant's signature on the needs assessment or oral indication during a telephone conversation can also be taken to be a valid claim for compensation.