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5.5 MRCA - Service giving rise to injury is Permanent Forces (PF) or Continuous Full-Time Service (CFTS) - Currently in PF or CFTS – Section 91

Last amended 
16 August 2017

The following formula is applicable when the person:

  • Was injured in PF or CFTS

  • Is currently serving

  • Current service is in the Permanent Forces or CFTS

NE = normal ADF rate of pay for the week + normal pay-related allowances for the week


  • normal ADF rate of pay means the amount of pay the member would have received for the week as a PF member if not incapacitated for service; and

  • normal pay related allowances means the total compensable pay related allowances that the member would have received for the week if not incapacitated for service – see section 4.6.

The military pay scales are used to establish normal ADF pay (which, where applicable, includes Service Allowance).