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Allied Governments-in-Exile during the 1939-45 War

Due to the invasion of their countries by the enemy in World War 11, certain allied countries had governments-in-exile.  This occurred when the government existing prior to invastion excapted to London (or an allied country) and subsequently directed the “free” forces while in exile and in consultation with the Allied High Command.  Countries which had governments-in-exile were:

Belgiumheaded by Monsieur Pierlot and based in London.  Forces fought under British Command;

Czechoslovakiaheaded by President Benes and based in London.  Several Czech Air Force squadrons fought under British Command.  Many Czechs also enlisted in the Soviet Army during 1944 and it appears many were kept in their national groups, eg Czechoslovak Airborn Brigade, while others were simpley members of the Soviet Army;

Franceheaded by General de Gaulie who set up the Free French Movement in London in 1940.  This was Merged with General Henri Firand's North Africa (Algiers) Administration in June 1943 to form the French Committee of National Liberation;

Greecebased in Cairo and headed by King George.  Greek Forces fought with allies in North Africa;

Netherlandsheaded by Queen Whilhelmina and based in Lond.  The Government was presided over by D.J. de Greer, who controlled the Forces of the Dutch Navy and the Forces in the Dutch Colonies of the East and West Indies.

Polandheaded by General Sikorski until his death in June 1943, and then by Mikolajezyk.   The Polish Forces were based firstly in Paris, (under French Command) and then when France fell, in London where they fought under British Command.  A Polish Army was also formed among the Poles in Russia and fought against Germany under Russian Command.

YugoslaviaThe Royal Yugoslav Armed Forces in Africa and in other places outside Yugoslavia as part of an Allied Force during World War II.

During any period there was a government in exile in respect of an allied country, the forces of that allied country are regarded as the regular naval, military or airforces (including the women's branch, an the nursing of auxiliary services of such forces).