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S 8 Irregular Forces Formed in Europe

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This section contains a list of those forces that have been identified as 'irregular forces', this list is not exhaustive. Persons who served in these forces are not 'allied veterans' under the VEA. Special provisions for Netherlands Forces follow the main list.

Table of Irregular Forces

The following table shows the Country from which the 'irregular force' came and the individual title of the force:


Recognised 'Irregular Force'


Legion Belge, later known as Armee Secrete

The Witte Brigade

The Front de l'Independance

Red Orchestra


Military League

Agrarians Fatherland Front


Defence of the Nation

Political Centre

Sokol Organisation in Resistance (OSVO)

Central Leadership of Resistance at Home (UVOD)


Danish Freedom Council

Bourgeois Partisans (BOPA)


Front National: Francs-tireurs et Partisans (FTP)


Mouvements Unis de Resistance (MUR)

Secret Army

French Forces of the Interior (FFI)


National Population Liberation Army (ELAS)

Greek Democratic National Army (EDES)


Volunteer Freedom Corps for the whole of the War

The Garibaldi Brigades until 25 December 1944


Raad van Verzet (RVV)

Ordre Dienst (Order Service)

Landelijke Knokploegen (LKP)

Forces of the Interior

Note: Irregular forces of the Netherlands are only considered irregular up to and including 4 September 1944, see section following this table.


Milorg Forces


People's Army


Peoples Guard

Union for Armed Struggle

National Armed Forces



Special provisions for Netherlands 'irregular forces'

Forces of the Netherlands are only considered irregular up to and including 4 September 1944. On 5 September 1944 Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands issued a Decree which provided that all members of the above resistance groups were deemed to be part of the Dutch Royal Land Forces. From the date of the Decree, these forces are considered regular forces and may be eligible for service pension. As the date of the enemy surrender in the Netherlands was 5 May 1945 any application for service pension by a member of the Netherlands forces who served after May 1945 will be fully investigated with regard to the extent of danger incurred from hostile forces.