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1.1 Certificate of Entitlement - General


An application for a Certificate of Entitlement  must be on an approved application form.  Because of its legal nature, a Certificate of Entitlement may contain no erasures or amendments.  The Certificate of Entitlement is to be issued in triplicate to the applicant with a photocopy retained with the application.  The Certificate of Entitlement must be presented to the Bank at the time client applies for relevant assistance.

For instalment relief, the Certificate of Entitlement is sent direct to the Bank via Bank's internal mail system (DSHL Unit, The Mortgage Company, SA BSB 035-892), with a photocopy being retained with the application.

When a Certificate of Entitlement is issued, the following details are required to be noted thereon;

  • issue date;
  • expiry date;
  • full name of entitled person;
  • file number (maximum of 15 digits, but currently 13 in use);
  • full name of spouse ( or de facto partner from 1 July 2009) who will join the entitled person as joint tenant;
  • purpose of the advance;
  • maximum amount of the advance;
  • maximum term of the advance/relief approved;
  • interest rate applicable on the advance;
  • conditions (if any) to be met by entitled applicant;
  • delegate's name;
  • State location of DSH Office issuing the certificate.

A delegate is required to personally sign the certificate.