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1 Introduction - General

Last amended 
17 August 2022


The purpose of this Part of the General Orders is to provide general guidance and information on procedural matters associated with implementing and administering the policy outlined in the Legislation Interpretation & Policy Parts.  It is not intended that this Part be taken to be a comprehensive procedural manual for all tasks undertaken.  Rather,  Managers and delegated officers are to use their own discretion in such matters.  Procedures should be flexible enough to take account of any local arrangements, yet at the same time result in clients receiving uniformly high standards of quality service and advice.


The foregoing Legislation Interpretation & Policy Parts are aimed at achieving a uniformly correct and fair way of dealing with all casework under the Defence Service Homes Act 1918.


In addition to policy considerations, there are some procedural matters which also need to be addressed in a uniformly acceptable way and these matters are set out in this Part.