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8A.3.2 Inclusions


Service in North East Thailand (incl Ubon) during any period between 25 June 1965 and 31 August 1968 (both dates inclusive)  [for service 31 May 1962 to 24 June 1965 see Eligibility GO 5.3.1].

Service in Vietnam (Southern Zone) during any period between 12 January 1973 and 29 April 1975 (both dates inclusive).

Service in Rwanda and the areas in Uganda (now Democratic Republic of the Congo), Burundi and Tanzania that are not more than 50 kilometres from the border with Rwanda, while assigned for service on Operation Tamar between 25 July 1994 and 16 january 1996.

Service in East Timor (including the territorial sea of Indonesia adjacent to East Timor) on or after 16 September 1999.

Note:Not all service in East Timor has been determined as warlike service.  It is necessary to confirm that the service was rendered with:Operation Warden between 16 September 1999 and 10 April 2000,Operation Faber between 16 September 1999 and 23 February 2000,Operation Stabilise between 16 September 1999 and 23 February 2000, Operation Tanager on or after 20 February 2000.

Service in the War on Terrorism (Afghanistan/Diego Garcia) on or after 11 October 2001.

War Artists.  Persons who were appointed as official War Artists to the Defence Force in East Timor on or after 25 October 1999 (see Ministerial determination at Eligibility GO 8A.5).