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1 Introduction


The purpose of the Defence Service Homes (DSH) Scheme is to provide assistance to serving and former members of the Australian Defence Force who, through their service, have been placed at a disadvantage compared with other members of the Australian community in acquiring a home.

These guidelines set out the specific requirements for determining eligibility in respect of each conflict and the types of peacetime service.  In addition, topics which are relevant to all periods of qualifying service are listed separately.

Assistance under the Defence Service Homes Act 1918 (“the Act”) is limited to persons who:

(a) come within the definition of 'Eligible person' as set out in s.4 of the Act, or are the spouses or de facto partners of eligible persons who are temporarily or permanently insane [para.18(1)(a)];

(b) satisfy the Secretary that they or their spouse or de facto partner as the case may be are not the owners of any other house;

(c) intend to use the house as a home for themselves and their dependants except where nursing sisters intend to use the property as a hospital, sanatorium or nursing home;

(d) do not have outstanding liabilities under the War Service Land Settlement Scheme.

Assistance is not available to persons who received a cash grant or a payment instead of a cash grant from the Government.

A decision refusing to issue a notice of eligibility is a reviewable decision as defined in section 4 of the Act.