Membership of one of the special groups defined below may provide a person with qualifying service. Organisations.  A person who served with a unit of the Defence Forces as a representative of one of the following approved welfare organisations:

  • Australian Red Cross;
  • Campaigners for Christ — Everyman's Welfare Service;
  • Salvation Army;
  • Young Men's Christian Association;
  • Young Women's Christian Association;
  • Australian Forces Overseas Fund.

(for service in Korea or Japan: see Ministerial determination at Eligibility GO 4.4.4)

(for service in Vietnam or North Eastern Thailand: see Ministerial determination at Eligibility GO 6.3.2) Commonwealth Forces.  (Repealed)

[Note:Eligible service covered by this chapter requires inclusion in a written instrument issued under ss.6D(1) of the VEA.  It is unlikely that other Commonwealth forces could be so assigned.]