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4.4.2 Inclusions


Membership of one of the special groups defined below may provide a person with qualifying service. Organisations.  A person who served in Korea/Malaya with a unit of the Defence Forces as a representative of one of the following approved welfare organisations :

  • Australian Red Cross;
  • Campaigners for Christ — Everyman's Welfare Service; or
  • Salvation Army;
  • Young Men's Christian Association;
  • Young Women's Christian Association.
  • (see Ministerial determination at Eligibility GO 4.4.4) Employees.  Persons employed by the Commonwealth of Australia who were attached to the Defence Force, being —

  • persons who were so attached for continuous service, and who provided services as personnel belonging to field broadcasting units, as telegraphists, as camoufleurs, as war correspondents, as photographers or as cinematographers; or
  • canteen staff on H.M.A. Ships.
  • (See Ministerial determination at Eligibility GO 4.4.4) Commonwealth Forces. A person who served in the Naval, Military or Air Forces or associated nursing services of any part of the King's (Queen's) dominions other than Australia during the Korean and Malayan campaigns within the dates specified in Eligibility GO 4.4.1 provided that the person previously resided in Australia or an Australian Territory and served in an operational area outside the country of enlistment or appointment or as a combatant in an active combat unit.  These Forces include:

  • Federation of Malaya Police Volunteer Reserve (Auxiliary Police);
  • Naval Police Force, Singapore;
  • British Solomon Islands Labour Corps;
  • Federated Malay States Volunteer Force; or
  • New Hebrides Defence Force.