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10.2.4 Inclusions


Qualifying service as a regular serviceman may be established in the following circumstances: Enlistment on or before 14 May 1985.  A person whose first enlistment in the Defence Force was on or before 14 May 1985 and who has completed the required period of service.  It should be noted that a first enlistment on or before 14 May 1985 enables a person to complete a qualifying period of service at a later date.  (Please also see Eligibility GO Ended by Death or on Medical Grounds.  A person who was engaged to serve as a member of the Defence Force for the relevant period but that service ended, on or after 7 December 1972, by reason of his or her death or discharge on the ground of invalidity or physical or mental incapacity to perform duties.  A similar provision exists for officers but please see the qualification Students appointed as officers.  Where an applicant claims that a medical condition was a factor which lead to the premature discharge from the Forces contrary to the official reason given by Defence, further investigation and consideration is to be given to the claim and a benevolent approach to determining eligibility is to be followed after considering the following basic question.

'Is it fair to say that physical or mental incapacity for some or all military duties was the factor actuating the military discharge of the person in question?'

It is important to note that persons with 'open ended enlistments' satisfy the minimum 6 years enlistment requirement. Enlistment after 14 May 1985 and Service Ended by Death or on Medical Grounds.  A person whose first service in the Defence Force began after 14 May 1985 and who was discharged on invalidity grounds or whose service in the Defence Force ceased by reason of death before completing the minimum period of six years' service, during the period 15 May 1985 to 19 December 1988. This provision applies only to those who have been previously advised of their entitlement and to the surviving widows/widowers and dependent parents of such persons.  A further limitation is that the provision will not apply to any person who is or has been a subsidised borrower under the Defence Force (Home Loans Assistance) Act 1990. in the Reserves.  Members in the Reserve or in the Citizen Forces who commenced continuous full-time service in pursuance of a voluntary undertaking given by them and accepted by the appropriate authority of the Defence Force shall have that service constituted as service for the purpose of paragraphs 4AAA(1)(b) and 4AAA(1)(c). from National Service.  A person who was a national serviceman or a national service officer and who:

  •       before completing the statutory national service period of 18 months, transferred to the Regular Army without break of service; and
  •       completed three years' effective full-time service including the period of service as a national serviceman or a national service officer; and
  •       the period of effective service did not end before 7 December 1972;

NOTE:  A national serviceman or a national service officer who before completing his period of national service is engaged or appointed for continuous full-time service for a period of less than three years, and whose total commitment for service, including the statutory period of national service was not less than three years but who does not complete three years' effective full-time service, does not qualify as a regular serviceman.