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9.8.4 Degree of Incapacity and Assessment of Pension

Determining the degree of incapacity

After a rounded combined impairment rating and lifestyle rating has been obtained they are combined to determine the degree of incapacity. The degree of incapacity is expressed by a number, which is a percentage.     

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Determining rate of disability pension using GARP

Degree of incapacity and other eligibility criteria determines whether the veteran will receive:

Disability Pension Eligibility

Chapter 4.1

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For the purposes of Part VI of the VEA, a reference to a veteran is taken to be a reference to:

  • a veteran as defined in subsection 5C(1) of the VEA;
  • a member of the Forces as defined in subsection 68(1) of the VEA; or
  • a member of a Peacekeeping Force as defined in subsection 68(1) of the VEA.

For the purposes of Part VII of the VEA, according to subsection 5C(1), veteran means a person (including a deceased person):

  • who is taken to have rendered eligible war service, or
  • in respect of whom a pension is, or pensions are, payable under subsection 13(6) and
  • in Part III and Part VIIC of the VEA includes a person who is:



The Extreme Disablement Adjustment (EDA) is the equivalent of 150% of the General Rate. It is payable to very severely incapacitated veterans of 65 years & over who do not qualify for the Special or Intermediate Rates.