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6.4.5 Specific Conditions: Running and Maintenance Allowance

Last amended 
19 July 2023

An annual running and maintenance allowance may be provided to an eligible veteran who has been provided with an initial or replacement vehicle under the Vehicle Assistance Scheme (VAS). The purpose of the allowance is to assist with the cost of vehicle registration, insurance and other incidental costs related to VAS vehicles.

1. What are the client’s responsibilities?

Under s5.1.3(a) of the VAS instrument, clients are responsible for providing the following documents to the Department each year before the running and maintenance allowance can be paid:

  • the motor vehicle registration certificate for their VAS vehicle;
  • the compulsory third party motor vehicle insurance certificate for their VAS vehicle.
  • the comprehensive motor vehicle insurance certificate specifying that the VAS motor vehicle is insured for its full market value; and
  • The driver’s licence in the name of the person who regularly drives the vehicle (the veteran, or the veteran’s partner or carer if the veteran does not drive).

If requested, the veteran must also provide a payment summary or receipt showing that the running and maintenance allowance was spent on vehicle registration, insurance costs and/or other incidental costs relating to the running and maintenance of a VAS vehicle.

2. What is the rate of the allowance?

The running and maintenance allowance is paid annually in advance, and is equal to 26 times the current rate of Recreation Transport Allowance

The rates of both the Recreation Transport Allowance and the VAS running and maintenance allowance are available on the DVA Website