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6.4 Vehicle Assistance Scheme (VAS)

Last amended 
23 September 2015

"All allowances are constantly under review. The information contained in the Consolidated Library of Information and Knowledge (CLIK) does not replace legislation and any relevant decisions that have been determined by the courts. No person should rely on the contents of CLIK without first obtaining advice from a qualified professional person."

These policy guidelines are provided for use by DVA staff making decisions under the Vehicle Assistance Scheme (VAS). DVA staff must use these guidelines together with section 105 of the VEA and the VAS instrument.

If at anytime a DVA staff member has concerns about whether the conditions of the scheme have been met, they have the discretion to ask for evidence from the client. The conditions of the scheme can be found in the VAS instrument.

What is the VAS?

The VAS provides eligible veterans with motor vehicles and with any necessary modifications or driving devices for vehicles. The VAS also provides replacement vehicles and an allowance for running and maintenance costs.