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What is Veterans Supplement?

Veterans supplement consists of two elements:

  • a payment made under section 118A of the VEA, previously the Pharmaceutical Allowance; and
  • a payment made under section 118B of the VEA, previously the Telephone Allowance.
Who is eligible for Veterans Supplement under section 118A? 

To be eligible to receive veterans supplement under section 118A a person must be:

  • in receipt of disability compensation payment from DVA, or
  • in receipt of an orphan's pension, or
  • eligible for an orphan's pension but not receiving that pension because they are receiving a living allowance under certain study and education assistance schemes, or
  • another Repatriation Health Card (Gold Card or White Card) holder, or
  • a Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Card (Orange Card) holder

and be:

  • in Australia, or
  • within the first 26 weeks of a temporary absence from Australia  


and not be:

  • in receipt of an income support payment from DVA or Centrelink.

Clients that are automatically provided a White Card for Non-Liability Health Care mental health treatment upon transition from the ADF will only become eligible for Veterans Supplement once they use the White Card for treatment.

Who is eligible for Veterans Supplement under section 118B?

To be eligible to receive veterans supplement under section 118B a person must be:

  • eligible for EDA; or
  • eligible for TPI; or
  • eligible for the disability compensation payment at the rate of which is increased under subsection 27(2);
  • eligible for a war widow/widower pension and be under qualifying age;

and be

  • in Australia; or
  • within the first 26 weeks of a temporary absence from Australia and not be in receipt of:
    • an income support payment frm DVA or Centrelink; or
    • energy supplement under Part VIIAD of the VEA or Part 2.25B of the SSA; or
    • MRCA supplement.
Dual eligibility for Veterans Supplement

A person may have dual eligibility for both elements of veterans supplement because they meet the eligibility criteria under both sections 118A and 118B. In such cases, the person is paid at twice the fortnight rate (or the high rate) of veterans supplement.  Where a person is eligible under one but not both of these sections, their fortnightly rate of veterans supplement is referred to as the low rate.    


Interaction with other payments

A DVA or Centrelink income support recipient is not eligible for VS as an equivalent payment is made with their income support pension or benefit.  Some Gold Card holders may also receive veterans supplement at the low rate.