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Pension Age for Female Non-Veterans and for Tax Purposes

Last amended 
4 July 2022

Last amended: 20 September 2009

Application of pension age for female non-veterans

The female pension age for non-veterans is equivalent to female age pension age.  It applies to :

  • eligibility to defer partner service pension under the Pension Bonus Scheme,     More →
  • eligibility of partner service pensioners to participate in the Home Equity Access Scheme,     More →
  • eligibility of partner service pensioners and income support recipients to receive an Education Entry Payment,     More →
  • exemption of superannuation managed investments from the income and assets test for female partner service pensioners and female non-pensioner partners,     More →
  • compensation recovery rules for partner service pensioners,     More →
  • eligibility for Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC) for the partner or widow of a veteran, and     More →
  • special disability trusts disposal of asset rules for partner service pensioners.     More →
Application of pension age for tax purposes

Female pension age is also used to determine the tax status of female veteran invalidity service pension, partner service pension, and income support supplement for female recipients in certain circumstances.    

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Age equalisation for female non-veterans and for tax status




The following table provides a guide to age equalisation for female pension age.

For females born between

Pension age is

01 July 1935 and 31 December 1936

60 years 6 months

01 January 1937 and 30 June 1938

61 years

01 July 1938 and 31 December 1939

61 years 6 months

01 January 1940 and 30 June 1941

62 years

01 July 1941 and 31 December 1942

62 years 6 months

01 January 1943 and 30 June 1944

63 years

01 July 1944 and 31 December 1945

63 years 6 months

01 January 1946 and 30 June 1947

64 years

01 July 1947 and 31 December 1948

64 years 6 months

1 January 1949 and 30 June 1952

65 years

Pension age is 60 years for females born on and before 30 June 1935.


Females born on or after 1 July 1952 will be affected by the increases to pension age for non-veterans.    

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Age Pension Age refers to pension age as defined under the Social Security Act 1991, that is, pension age for people other than veterans.



In order to bring pension age for women in line with that required of men, age equalisation was introduced on 1/7/95. This will increase pension age in six monthly increments every two years for a period of 20 years. Refer to the age equalisation tables in section 5QA of the VEA and section 5QB of the VEA.