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13.9.3 Long Tan Bursary


13.9.3 Long Tan Bursary

See paragraph 7.3 of the VCES Instrument

The Commission may create a bursary to be known as the Long Tan Bursary and the Commission may determine the duration and value of the bursary and the number of bursaries to be granted in any Calendar year.

Note (1): under section 23 of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901 words in the singular number (e.g. bursary) include the plural (e.g. bursaries).

Note (2): Calendar year is defined in section 22 of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901.

The Commission may award a Long Tan Bursary to an Eligible child but only if the person is an Eligible child by virtue of a determination under subsection 116C(2) of the Act that the person is within a class of persons described in paragraph 2.1 (c) of the Veterans' Entitlements (Veterans’ Children Education Scheme) Eligible Child Determination 2006 No. R26/2006.

Note: generally speaking, only a child in need (including a former child) of a Vietnam veteran may receive a Long Tan Bursary where such child is making the transition to tertiary education.

In deciding whether or not to award a Long Tan Bursary to an Eligible child the Commission must take into account the matters in the document approved by the Commission in September 2006 and known as the "Long Tan Bursary Operational Guidelines".

An Eligible child who is awarded a Long Tan Bursary is not entitled to another Long Tan Bursary.

Where the Commission delegates its administration power in Paragraph 7.3.5 to another person (for example, a contractor), it may enter into financial arrangements with that other person whereby that other person is paid to administer a Long Tan Bursary (administration fee) and any such administration fee may be drawn from the funds appropriated by the Commonwealth for the administration of the Scheme.

Note: pursuant to section 213 of the Act, the Commission can delegate its powers under the Act to, among others, a contractor with the Commission.