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13.8.4 What is an Approved Scholarship Course?


13.8.4 What is an Approved Scholarship Course?

Students may be eligible to receive the Student Start-up and/or Relocation Scholarships if they are undertaking an approved scholarship course. An approved scholarship course is an accredited higher education course or a preparatory course undertaken at a higher education institution. Accredited higher education courses and institutions are accredited by the relevant authorities in a State or Territory. These include Universities and select other education institutions and courses (e.g. some courses offered by TAFE and CIT) (see ‘Course Coverage’ section for more information on approved courses).

A student studying overseas that is accredited to their Australian course of study are still eligible for the scholarships.

Students undertaking a preparatory course (a course offered by a higher education institution aimed to assist people to gain entry to higher education level courses, including enabling and bridging courses) may also be eligible to receive these scholarships. The links in the Course Coverage section should assist in determining which institutions are accredited higher education institutions for the purposes of the schemes and which courses will meet the relevant criteria for the scholarships.