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13.5.1 Guidance, Counselling and Country Visits


13.5.1 Guidance, Counselling and Country Visits

See Part 4 of the Instruments

The Commission may arrange for a student to be given, or directed to, guidance and counselling for matters affecting that student’s continuing progress in a course of study.

Guidance may include the provision of advice to students regarding their educational progress, planning of their studies, career directions, and other education related matters. 

Counselling is only provided by a qualified professional, and may be related to either educational or personal matters affecting the student.

Guidance and counselling of beneficiaries of the Schemes and their families shall be:

(a) in the case of a student under 18 years of age — at the request of:

  • the student; or
  • the student’s parent, guardian or trustee; or
  • the principal of the school, college or institution at which the student is enrolled;

(b) in any other case, at the request of the student; or

(c) in all cases at the discretion of the Commission.

Students and parents/guardians in country areas should have access, as far as is practical, to the same guidance and counselling opportunities as non-country students. Country visits may be arranged by Commissions. Costs for country visits will be met by the Department.