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13.4.2 Date of effect rules

Last amended 
1 January 2022

13.4.2 Date of effect rules

For date of effect rules please see Departmental Instruction C09/2007. This Departmental Instruction provides information for the date of effect where:

A student’s change in circumstances results in a variation to the amount payable; and/or

A student reapplies for benefits after a break in their studies.

The date of grant can never be earlier than the first payday of the current year in which an application is made, but can be later depending on the date of effect of the grant of pension, acceptance of death, etc and when the child commenced full time education.

For example, where a claim for a student is dependent on the veteran parent’s claim for disability compensation payment, and the disability compensation payment claim is delayed due to administrative delays/appeals for the claim, the student’s claim may still only be backdated to the current year the decision for disability compensation payment was granted, and not to the date of effect of grant of the pension, should it be earlier.

Case Study: A full-time student's veteran parent became eligible for a Special Rate Disability Pension from 4 December 2013 and subsequently, on 31 December 2013, lodged a claim under MRCAETS in respect of that student.

The student was assessed as eligible for benefits and the first MRCAETS payment was made on the "first payday" after 4 December 2013.

In early 2014 the veteran’s pension commencement date was reviewed and backdated to 31 August 2012. Therefore the student was potentially eligible for the Schemes’ benefits from 31 August 2012.

However, because the MRCAETS claim was received in December 2013 it was only possible to backdate payment of the Schemes’ benefits to the first payday after 1 January 2013.