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12.7.1 Overview of Specific and Compliance Reviews

Review program objective

The primary objective of the Income Support Review Program is to ensure pensioners are receiving the correct amount of income support pension to which they are entitled under the VEA. There are two types of reviews:

Pensioner obligations

Under the VEA, income support pensioners are required to disclose information about changes in their personal or financial circumstances that may affect the amount of pension they receive. A notification from a pensioner of their changed personal or financial circumstances is processed as a pensioner-initiated review (PIR).    

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Recipient Obligations

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Income support pension is:



A specific review is an event-based, department-initiated review, based on anticipated or known changes to a pensioner's personal or financial circumstances, likely to impact on the rate of pension.

Examples include:

  • earnings review
  • review of circumstances following notification of a changed address
  • post-bereavement review

A compliance review is a risk-based, department-initiated review based on risk profiling. Risk profiling identifies assessments containing high-risk characteristics such as volatile income and asset items.  Examples of risk groups are pensioners who have not had their income and assets reviewed for a number of years or assessments with high-risk property that has not been revalued for many years.