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12.3.1 Overview of Data Matching

Purpose of data matching

It is the responsibility of Australian Government agencies that make pension or benefits payments to ensure that the recipients only receive payments to which they are entitled. To achieve this, a variety of review programs are constantly undertaken.

Data matching method

One of the most cost effective and efficient methods of comparing and verifying consistency for large amounts of data is to use computer data matching processes. The major Government initiative in the area of computerised data matching in operation is the Data Matching Program, announced in the 1990 Budget.    

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Use of tax file number in data matching

Matching between each agency and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is based on the pensioner's personal details and their tax file number.    

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Tax file number not required in certain circumstances

The Secretary has discretionary powers to waive the requirement to provide a tax file number. In certain circumstances pensioners are excluded from supplying their tax file number to DVA.    

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Data Matching Program

Section 12.3.2

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Exclusion/Exemption list

Section 12.3.4

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