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Income from Training Scholarships




Last amended: 12 July 2005

Teacher training scholarships

If a pensioner is undertaking studies, any teacher training scholarships they or their partner receive is assessed as income.

Any additional allowance paid in respect of dependent children in a pensioner's care only serves to reduce the additional free area for dependent children.

If any of these allowances are paid to a student child of the pensioner, the payment is the child's own personal income.     

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Commonwealth Trade Learning Scholarships



At the successful completion of the first and second years of a New Apprenticeship in a skill shortage trade, a Commonwealth Trade Learning Scholarship of $500 may be granted. The Department of Education, Science and Training determines the eligible qualifications and makes the payment.

Section 5F(1) of the VEA defines dependent child as having the same meaning as in the Social Security Act 1991.  For income support purposes, dependent child is defined as:

Child under 16 years

  •       the pensioner has legal responsibility either alone or jointly with another person for the day to day care, welfare and development of the young person AND the young person is in the pensioner's care, or
  •       the young person is not a dependent child of someone else AND the young person is wholly or substantially in the pensioner's care.

A child under 16 years cannot be considered a dependent child if:

  •       they are not a full-time student, and
  •       their weekly income from any source is more than the amount specified in section 5(3)(c) of the Social Security Act.    

Child 16 years or older

A young person who has turned 16 years but is under 22 years can still be a dependent child of the pensioner if:

  •       they are wholly or substantially dependent on the pensioner, and
  •       their income in the financial year will not exceed the personal income limit, and
  •       they are receiving full-time education at a school, college or university.

A child over 16 years cannot be considered a dependent child if:

  •       they receive a social security pension or benefit such as youth allowance, or
  •       their personal income is more than the amount specified in section 5(4)(b) of the Social Security Act.    

Income includes earning from casual, part-time or full-time earnings.

Note: the meaning of a dependent child for DVA income support pension purposes is not the same as the meaning for Family Tax Benefit purposes.