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Members of Defence Forces Established by Governments in Exile





During World War II the governments of some European countries invaded or conquered by the enemy, went into exile in London or Cairo. During the period the government was in exile, the forces of the country are regarded as the regular defence forces of that country.    

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Governments in exile

Allied countries that had governments in exile included:

  • Belgium 
  • Czechoslovakia 
  • France 
  • Greece 
  • The Netherlands
  • Poland     More ?

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“enemy means

  • in relation to World War I or World War II - the naval, military or air forces, or any part of the naval, military or airforces, of a State at war with the Crown during that war; and
  • in relation to service in, or a period of hostilities in respect of, an operational area - the naval, military or air forces against which the Naval, Military or Air Forces of the Commonwealth were engaged in that operational area; and
  • persons assisting any of those forces.”



A Government in exile, in relation to an allied country, includes a person, or group of persons, claiming to represent, or administer, the country or a part of the country or the people of the country.

An allied country is a country, other than Australia or a Commonwealth country, whose forces were engaged in an operational area against an enemy, at the relevant time, which was also engaged against forces of the Commonwealth.