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work trials

9.9.2 How to arrange a Work Trial

Arranging the work trial

The rehabilitation service provider is responsible for arranging and monitoring a work trial for the client.  This includes ensuring that the work trial is appropriate given the client's medical restrictions and the type of work that they will be undertaking, and negotiating the terms of the work trial, including liaison with the relevant union if necessary.

9.9.4 Insurance coverage during a Work Trial

DVA clients undertaking a work trial as part of their vocational rehabilitation program are covered by two insurance policies:

  1. Group Personal Accident Insurance which provides insurance for any injury sustained by a client while undertaking a work trial; and
  2. Public & Products Liability Insurance which provides insurances for liability for any personal injury or property damage to third parties caused by the client's negligence.

These are not Workers Compensation policies.

9.9 Work Trials

Work Trials are used to achieve a return to work for clients who are not able to return to their original workplace.

A large proportion of DVA clients are ex ADF members who have been medically discharged, and therefore unable to continue their role within the ADF.

A work trial is a valuable opportunity for a person participating in a rehabilitation program to: