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13.2.3 Claims by DVA staff who are also clients or potential clients of DVA

There may be claims for compensation received in DVA offices which relate to former members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) or current and former members of the Reserves who are now employed by DVA.

In the rehabilitation context, these may include for example, claims for household services, attendant care services, requests for assistance under any of the motor vehicle assistance schemes, or other activities to be provided under a rehabilitation plan.

13.2.4 Claims by family members of DVA staff

Claims may be received from family members of DVA staff. All staff should note that they must inform their Assistant Director should such a claim be lodged.

If such a claim is lodged in an office other than that where the DVA staff member works then no further action is required, unless the delegate assigned the claim is known to the claimant. If this happens, the staff member should advise their Assistant Director of a conflict of interest so that the claim can be re-assigned.

13.1 Rehabilitation rights and obligations

A person's rights and obligations when undertaking rehabilitation are contained in the standard forms titled 'Rehabilitation Rights and Obligations' available through the DVA forms portal. The form will vary depending on the type of rehabilitation program they are participating in.

It is important that a person's rights and obligations are provided to them at the time they are referred for a rehabilitation assessment. 

13.2.6 Other possible conflict of interest

If staff are in doubt about any actual or perceived conflict of interest, they should consult their Assistant Director and complete the document titled: 'Declaration of interests' disclosure statement, which is then to be placed on the claim file.

Note: The current version of the ‘Declaration of interests’ document is available to DVA staff in TRIM (ref: 13368579E).