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rehabilitation assessment

3.3.3 Referral types

There are two types of rehabilitation referrals.

The first type, the full rehabilitation assessment is required for the majority of clients.

However the second, a specific service assessment, may be an 'add-on' if appropriate for the client at the time, or as a separate and 'one-off' activity.

3.7 How to Make the Referral

Once the rehabilitation service provider has been chosen it is essential that the Rehabilitation Coordinator make telephone contact to establish open communication and dialogue with the service provider.

This first and less formal communication between the Rehabilitation Coordinator and the service provider will:

3.1 The DVA Rehabilitation Case Management Pathway

The DVA Rehabilitation Case Management Pathway

The following diagram provides an overview of the processes and procedures that are generally taken as a client progresses through the DVA claims and rehabilitation system from the start, with the submission of a claim, to closure of a rehabilitation plan. Further details about these processes are provided in later sections of this Chapter.