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rehabilitation assessment

8.4.5 Any assessment made in relation to the rehabilitation of the person

The medical or other information provided in any rehabilitation assessment may help substantiate the need for attendant care services. Such an assessment might also provide important information about what other assistance may be provided to address a client’s needs and facilitate independence.

This could, for example, includes aids and appliances that could assist a person to manage tasks more independently. The provision of aids and appliances may have an impact on the level of attendant care services that the person may require in the future.

9.5 Vocational Assessments

What is a vocational assessment?

A vocational assessment is an objective evaluation of an individual's skills, capacity, employment experiences and vocational goals, to inform recommendations about sustainable and suitable job options. More information regarding suitable work can be found in section 9.2 of this library.

Information to inform a vocational assessment should include, but not be limited to, the following tools and activities:

2.4.3 Rehabilitation Assessments

Section 44 of the MRCA describes when an assessment may or must be carried out.

Assessment of a person's capacity for rehabilitation may be on the initiative of the person's rehabilitation authority or the person may request that their rehabilitation authority carry out an initial assessment or further assessment of their capacity for rehabilitation.

3.2 The Needs Assessment Process

Whilst members are still serving, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) retains primary responsibility for the provision of health care. However, this does not preclude the early commencement of rehabilitation services from the military compensation system for those members proceeding to discharge and where it has been determined to be in the best interests of the member.

For part-time members of the ADF, such as Reservists and Service Cadets, health and rehabilitation support should commence as soon as the claim for compensation is accepted. This is because: