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Advisory notes and Commission guidelines relating to SOPS

Last amended 
11 May 2020

This page contains links to DVA policy, issued as Advisory notes or Commission guidelines, relating to SOPs.

Advisory notes

01 of 2016  Application of the potable water factor

02 of 2008  Newson – relating SOP factors to service – timing and other requirements*

01 of 2008  Cessation of smoking and inflammatory bowel disease

01 of 2007  Malignant neoplasm of the prostate and animal fat

08 of 2004  Benjamin – diagnosis – role of SOPs

04 of 2003  Kattenberg – material contribution to SOP factor minimum requirements

02 of 2003  Stoddart – severe stressors and perception of threat

13 of 2000  Metastatic neoplasms – primary site unknown

07 of 1999  Inability to obtain appropriate clinical management

06 of 1999  Helicobacter pylori infection

* but also note Knight v Repatriation Commission [2010] FCA 1134 on cessation of passive smoking exposure


Commission guidelines

CM7014/MRCC 181  Guidelines for psychiatric compensation claims

CM5542 of 2005        Application of S120 of the VEA – following the Deledio Federal Court case

CM5030 of 1999        Smoking and alcohol related conditions and military service (VEA only)