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8.4.1 Injury implications

Last amended 
12 September 2014

Delegates should be satisfied that the client’s service related injury or illness creates the need for essential and regular personal care. Medical evidence or evidence from another suitably qualified medical or allied health professional or rehabilitation provider should be obtained to inform decision making.

Serious, long-term injuries, such as those resulting in paraplegia, quadriplegia, brain injury and conditions where clients are bed-ridden are likely to require indefinite or long-term attendant care services. However, even in these circumstances, there still remains a requirement to obtain supporting medical and other documentary evidence to confirm the extent and likely duration of the effects of a compensable injury and the person’s need for ongoing assistance.

The requirement for attendant care services must be specifically linked to the condition(s) for which liability has been accepted. Medical and any recent rehabilitation assessments should establish the degree to which a client’s condition impairs his or her ability to meet his or her personal care needs.