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5.2.1 Compensation for Permanent Impairment


Section 24(1) provides that a member who is injured in compensable circumstances is entitled to lump-sum compensation in respect of any permanent impairment which results from that injury:

24(1) Where an injury to an employee results in a permanent impairment, Comcare is liable to pay compensation to the employee in respect of the injury.

Section 25 authorises an interim payment of compensation in certain circumstances.

The amount of compensation is determined by reference to Part 2 Division 1 of the Approved Guide:

24(5) Comcare shall determine the degree of permanent impairment of the employee resulting from an injury under the provisions of the Approved Guide.

24(6) The degree of permanent impairment shall be expressed as a percentage.


Note that compensation for permanent impairment may not be payable in certain circumstances:

  • the degree of permanent impairment is less than 10% (S24(7)), except in relation to loss of fingers, toes, taste and smell (S24(8)), or
  • the impairment became permanent before the commencement of the SRCA on 1 December 1988 (complex transitional provisions apply).     More ?


For historical S24 rates see the Jurisdictional Policy Advices on Comcare's website and the Reference section of the Compensation and Support library.