A reassessment occurs when a client who has received a final payment of compensation under S24(1) now seeks a further payment under S25(4) because their overall degree of permanent impairment has increased by 10% or more (because of deterioration in existing impairments or the emergence of new conditions). A reassessment may also occur under S25(5) in relation to a hearing loss with a date of injury on or after 1 October 2001, in this case an increase in binaural hearing loss of 5% (2.5% WPI) is required.

The amount of compensation is calculated under S25(4) or S25(5) as required. Following the Canute decision, injuries which arise from, occur subsequent to, or are caused by the initial injury or associated treatment (often referred to as sequela conditions) are not combined with the initial injuries. They must therefore meet the definition for an injury and the 10% WPI threshold in their own right to be compensable.