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3.5.1 Definition


Non-economic loss (NEL) is a subjective concept of the effects of the impairment on the employee's life. It includes pain and suffering, loss of amenities of life, loss of expectation of life and any other real inconveniences caused by the impairment. It is compensated in accordance with section 27 of the SRCA and Part 2, Division 2 of the Approved Guide.


Whilst 'activities of daily living' are used to assess impairment they should not be confused with 'lifestyle effects' which are used to assess non-economic loss. 'Lifestyle effects' are a measure of an individual's mobility and enjoyment of, and participation in, recreation, leisure activities and social relationships. It is emphasised that the employee must be aware of the losses suffered. While different employees may have equal ratings of impairment it would not be unusual for them to receive different ratings for non-economic loss because of their different lifestyles.

For information on the calculation of NEL, see chapter 5.