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8. Order of weighting of evidence

The evidence used in the decision making process (order of weighting is from

highest to lowest) includes:

1. Primary evidence – sourced from official Air Force (or other employer) records:

  • individual service and personnel records;
  • the Airman's Trade Progress Sheet;
  • Air Force Record of Training and Employment;
  • Defence pay records where they show evidence of tank entry;
  • Fuel Tank Entry Permits (from 1993-2000).

2. Secondary evidence sourced from:

  • statements made to the Air Force Board of Inquiry or in support of an individual's compensation claim;
  • the individual's application for inclusion in the Interim or SHOAMP Health Care Schemes.

3. Tertiary evidence:

  • statutory declaration corroborated by primary or secondary evidence;
  • information in a statutory declaration by the claimant, along with a second supporting statutory declaration made by an authorised person;
  • personal photographs;
  • personal copies of service records which are not available in official individual personnel records.