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Eligibility for SHOAMP Health Care Scheme Group 1 and Group status

Group 1 status:

  • Personnel involved in the F-111 deseal/reseal training conducted in Sacramento, USA;
  • Personnel, including supervisors, involved in the formal F-111 deseal/reseal programs;
  • Personnel involved in the regular burning or disposal of F-111 deseal/reseal products;
  • Personnel involved in ad hoc 'pick and patch' fuel tank maintenance on F-111 aircraft prior to January 2000;
  • Personnel involved in other maintenance or directly related tasks prior to January 2000 where their work required physical entry to an F-111 fuel tank to conduct that maintenance or task;
  • Personnel who dismantled and/or disposed of the canvas from the Air Transportable Deseal/Reseal Hangar (the 'Rag Hangar');
  • Personnel whose primary place of duty was within the deseal/reseal hangars or the Air Transportable Deseal/Reseal Hangar (the 'Rag Hangar') at Amberley during one or more of the formal deseal/reseal programs;
  • Personnel employed in Engine Test Cell No 1 during the period 1976 – 1986;
  • Fuel farm workers and personnel involved in the transport, delivery and handling of F?111 deseal/reseal products including SR51/51A. These workers and personnel must have regularly performed duties of supply and disposal of F-111 deseal/reseal products;
  • Personnel immersed in the Warrill Creek Settling Pond at RAAF Base Amberley; or
  • Work Experience students at Hawker de Havilland who worked inside the tanks.

Group 2 status:

  • Immediate family members of a SHCS Group 1 participant; or
  • Service personnel or civilian employees who are not covered by the SHCS Group 1 definition but were employed at RAAF Base Amberley during the F-111 deseal/reseal programs (the 1st and 2nd deseal/reseal programs 1977-82 and 1991?93; the spray seal program 1996-99 and the wings deseal/reseal program 1985-92).